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Avakin Life Hack Tool

We have all played Sims at some point in our lives. Avakin Life is just a similar game that allows you to be anyone and do anything in a 3D virtual world. It is so amazing that you fall for the game as soon as you start playing it. This awesome game not only lets you be your own choice in the virtual world but also enables you to interact with various avatars of other players around the world. You can socially interact with them and choose to perform a number of actions with your avatar.

Avakin Life is a game available on Android and iOS devices (UPDATE: on PC too). You have to be atleast 17 years old to play. There is verification at start. Player can connect its Facebook profile, G+ or e-mail. After that we are ready to play. We sugest to add all friends from mail-list to get full fun from this game.

How to start?

In order to start the game you need to create your avatar. You can make it look like any way you want to. You have various styling and designing options that you can choose from.  The choice is completely yours. You may either create a decent and cute one or a crazy stylish avatar. The game has probably one of the best avatar creators seen in any such games.  You can easily personalize the game according to your likes and interests. Your avatar is what would be visible to other players in the game so make sure to choose wisely.

This is how in-app purchases looks like

  • 690 Avacoins for $0.99,
  • 1,990 Avacoins $2.99,
  • 2,990 Avacoins for $4.99,
  • 6,990 Avacoins for $9.99,
  • 27,990 Avacoins for $39.99,
  • Assortment $4.99,
  • Pile $0.99,
  • Hoard $9.99,
  • Mound $15.99,
  • Stack for $2.99.

Avakin Life Mod APK v2.33

Expensive right? But you don’t have to spend all your money everytime you want to get Avacoins. With our Avakin Life Hack Tool you can generate them 10 times in 24h. Yes there is a limit. why? Because many players generates too much Avacoins and game can become unbalanced. Still… You can generate up to 277,990 AvaCoins (10×27,990). For that kind of amount you would pay 399$! With our Avakin Life Hack Tool App its free. Use this Cheats everytime you want and as many times as you want (10 times per 24h).

We have all 3 versions for all 3 platforms including Android, iOS and PC. In next 2 weeks we should release Facebook version, so if you need this one, check our website in next few days.

Ok, you know everything right? So download ASAP!

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If you don’t know how to download, you can visit this site.

How to cheat Avakin Life?

Not only you can design and personalize your avatar but you can also design your house or apartment. It gives you a complete experience in the virtual 3D platform. Avakin Life is not only a game but a complete social interaction platform. The game features an invitation option where you can invite your friends and other players to interact with you in the game. You can show them your stylish apartment and your cool avatar and even do things that you are unable to do in real life.

Avakin Life offers detailed privacy settings as well. Of course a game with such features needs tools for controlling privacy of players too. Furthermore, it comprises of chatting and messaging feature that allows you to instantly interact with other players around you in the game. You can use the chat/private message option to exchange opinions, get reviews and ratings, and even more. Basically you can talk about anything.

This is what we get with this Avakin Life Hack Tool 2016.

avakin life hack tool 2016



What are Avacoins?

We all know that most of the games these days require some sort of credits or virtual currency to unlock various features and continue using extra features. For example in sports racing games we need fuel units, in adventure games we need lives and similarly for Avakin Life we need Avacoins. As the term already suggests, Avacoins are the virtual currency that allow us to unlock and access various features of the game. There are two legit ways to earn Avacoins. You can earn them by continuously being an active player or by purchasing them with actual money. But there’s always a shortcut for those who are unable to pay for purchases. You can simply use Avakin Life Hack Tool.


Avakin Life Hack Video Demonstration


How to hack avakin life android?

The Avakin Life Hack Tool is an online tool that lets players hack their way through the game for shortcuts. Although hacking any game takes away most of the fun and adventure out of it. Cheating may be an easy and quick way to get through the game but other players don’t like cheaters and you won’t get to experience the real fun. There are a number of websites offering different hacking options for the game. The most popular amongst them is the Avacoins generator. If you have a good and free supply of Avacoins, you can easily proceed while accessing all the features. The best thing about the Avacoins generator is that you don’t have to pay even a single penny for getting the coins. Just follow the instructions given on the site and you’ll have your Avacoins in a matter of clicks. Avakin Life Hack can also be used for direct upgrades without the need of purchasing Avacoins. It’s better than the Avacoins generator tool.








Avakin Life Mod Features

  • add up to 888,888 Avacoins in one shot!
  • add up to 555,555 Diamonds
  • instant lvl up


avakin life mod


Avakin Life hack apk

  1. download avakin life hack tool
  2. run and select your device (android, ios, fb)
  3. select how many avacoins and diamonds you want to add
  4. click “patch” button
  5. sit back nad watch how your character is getting rich in Avakin Life!



Updates and validity of Avakin Life Tool

Games and apps are always being updated for improvements. This is the reason that with every fresh update the previous hacking tools tend to fail. The developers catch up on the hacks and remove any bugs and codes that allow that particular hacking. This means that a hacking tool working today might not be working at a later day after an update. Same is the case with Avakin Life Hack. The various versions of this hacking tool and the Avacoins generator are not working anymore as the developers have remove all those codes and bugs that allowed the hacks to work. However, as the old versions stop working after the game is updated, the hack developers also come up with new hacks for the updated codes and this keeps on going.


Download Avakin Life Mod APK







  download avakin life mod apk


Risk of getting banned:

There is always a risk that the developer and gaming authorities might ban you for using cheats and hacks. But it is not necessary. Most players get away without any issues after using cheats and hacks. But of course if the developers catch you cheating, they are probably going to terminate your account as a punishment. Either ways, it’s a risk.

Games are meant to be played for fun and adventure. The hurdles and milestones such as earning points and virtual currency make the games more fun and competitive. A game as fun and expressive as Avakin Life needs to be played without cheating otherwise there’s no reason of playing it at all. It is up to you if you are willing to use the Avakin Life Tool or not. If you are really looking for an amazing simulation and 3D virtual life experience than you should definitely avoid using any of the hacking tools. That is all you need to know about the amazing Avakin Life game, its features and the available hacking tools. There’s the game, the experience and the cheats and the choice is all yours. Make sure you make the right move and avoid any regrets.